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    Feedback for Accessibility

    I first of all want to thank you so much for making accessibility a priority. Few sites do this, which makes it difficult to do work.

    Now, there is one feature that needs fixing. There is a captcha that one must solve when registering for the site, and there is no alternative for the blind, such as an audio captcha. This prevented me from signing up independently. I had to wait for my sighted brother to come along and help me sign up. Is it possible that you can fix this feature very soon because I do have a number of other blind freelancers that I would like to refer to the site; however, these people do not have sighted assistance to help them. It was a blessing that I did, but if I did not, I would be in the same boat, having to wait a very long time. Of course, we blind individuals can write to you all, asking you to help make us accounts. But we should be able to do this independetly.

    A suggestion of a good captcha program to implement is ReCaptcha. ReCaptcha provides an audio alternative to the visual verification system.

    Thanks so much for the time that you have taken to read my suggestion. Keep up the good work making accessibility a priority. Millions of blind people thank you.

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    Since I'm already signed up I can't get the captcha (unless I try to make another account which is frowned upon), but (for in the future on other sites) have you tried webvisum? I have enough trouble with captchas that I've tried it out, though it could not solve always.

    Unfortunately webvisum is Firefox-only. Bah. I understand not working in IE but there are other open-source browsers out there too.

    I can't figure out the audio captchas at all, but Recaptcha has a good goal, and they are for me the easiest captchas to read.


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