I'm dynamically generating an image tag, and the final slash for self-closing the tag is not coming through, even though the slash is escaped with a backslash. Worse, I think this is screwing up my attempt to select the image in another function. Any ideas what could be causing problems?

var closeImage = "<img style='float:left;' src='close_x_gray.gif' alt='close' \/>";

// Ensure all selection zones are revealed except (i.e. then hide) technology
function WriteTechnologyToMainSelection(technology) {
var mainSelectionXhtml = '';
if (technology != '')
mainSelectionXhtml = '<div style="float: left;">' + technology + '</div>' + closeImage;

// $('#sideColumn').css('color', 'red');

Which Firebug shows me isn't producing a well formed tag.

<div style="float: left;">Sequencing</div>
<img alt="close" src="close_x.gif" style="float: left;">

The image does appear, but I can't reference it later on.

$("#mainSelectionRight img").click(StartTheSearch);

While everything works fine if I drop the " img" from the call and let clicking anywhere in the div start the search.

Any idea why escaping the slash isn't working?