Hi folks,

I have a spam problem with my online form in

I keep receiving spam and what puzzles me is that the spam script does not need to fill the required fields to send the form.

I tried to add a math puzzle by inserting:

else if(document.contact_form.Filtro.value !== document.contact_form.Solucionfiltro.value) {
alert("ˇPor favor revise su respuesta!");
return false; }


<div class="formlabel">Demuestre que Vd. no es un espamer, escriba en letras el resultado de sumar tres y siete (en min&uacute;sculas)/div>
<div class="formfield"><input type="text" name="Filtro" size="4" /></div>
<input type=”hidden” name=”Solucionfiltro” value=”diez” >

However, the hidden field still shows on the browser (it doesn't show the value but it shows an empty square) and I can't get the form check to compare the values of "Filtro" and "Solucionfiltro".

Any help would be appreciated.

Thx all.