The Internet public gets to elect 5 of ICANN's directors in an election this October, but only those who register for free as an ICANN @Large member by midnight, July 31. ICANN has downsized the number of publicly-elected policymakers from 9 to 5 directors this year (increasing the presence of big business and government directors). However, the 5 elected directors are the people who will represent small businesses and individual consumers in ICANNís management of the DNS, and therefore play an important role concerning the future of the domain industry on our level.

Help play a part in deciding how domain names will be legislated in the future by taking a few minutes to sign up for ICANN's @Large membership at . Their servers have been overloaded recently so if you can't get through, keep trying! Registration ends at midnight, July 31, so if you want to get a chance to vote, register as soon as you can.


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