Ok I have just had an idea for a website, inspired by a thread on another forum, http://www.sijun.com/dhabih/ubb/Forum2/HTML/003085.html

The thread is basically a war between different people using gifs as their weapons. Each person made a character and fought the other characters (go to the thread to see what I am talking about). It's very funny and entertaining.

I think that this would be a great idea for a site. I recently bought the domain bombem.com (Bomb 'Em not Bom Bem) and planned to use it for a humour related site. I think it would be a pretty good domain for the site I am talking about (i could get a better one but I have this one so I'll use it).

If I make the site it will run on a database. People create an account and enter competitions/leagues/etc. Each fight (between 2 people) would consist of, say, 10 gifs per person. Turns would be taken to submit moves. After each of the fighters have used their gifs visitors vote on the winner.

There could be different types of leagues, i.e. one for flash animators, one for gif animators etc.

I think this could be a popular site as it is very funny to watch.

Can anyone tell me what they think of the idea? By the way I know I am taking a risk telling everyone about the idea because some may copy it, I hope no one does, I am trusting everyone not to.

Anyway thanks for any feedback.

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