Hi folks!

Well, I had another 2:00am revelation! I don't know if that's a good thing..or a bad thing. (My wife says BAD!) Or maybe it was the pizza.

You be the judge - my last revelation spawned The Amazing Gimme A Buck (please) Website!

Anyway... I've been thinking for while now that I should offer a contest to spruce up my site a litle bit, and I finally got the perfect idea!

How about a contest where you go to a page with just a simple (clean looking and professional) contest form. The form tells you that you can sign up with an email address to win cash?! It says, "Just enter your email address here for your chance to win $100!" No other information is asked for.

Who wouldn't enter their email address?! (Don't answer.) Doesn't everyone like cash? Once I have the email address, I could send them an email every week saying there's a new contest, and don't forget to enter... PLUS!! (and here's the good part).. For each friend's email address that you send in to the contest you get one extra entry! Then, I email the friend and tell them about the contest. And to make it even better... if the friend signs up and wins..you win the prize, too! Even MORE incentive to send friend's addresses, eh?

I think it meets all the requirements for a successfull website. (One that gets lots of visitors)

Repeat visitors - People would bookmark and visit weekly (or daily if it get's enought traffic and I can get the cash)
Self-referring - The more friends you sign up the better your chances of winning! People will advertise the contest for me!
Interesting - Heck..who doesn't like free money!?

AND THEN I WOKE UP!!! I immediately went to the computer and looked around to see if anyone had the same idea already... <CRAP!!!> www.winvite.com They have the *exact* same idea that I was thinking about...!!! </CRAP!!!>

So my question to you all (or "y'all" if you pack a gun) is do you think there's enough room on the net for more of this crap...er..stuff? I think that there's enough demand for this kind of thing that I could get some pretty decent traffic (ad revenue?). What do you think? It's a bit more of an idea than I was thinking for the gimmeabuck site, so I registered "taketheprize.com".


www.gimmeabuck.com <-- Have you given me a buck yet!?