I listen to the radio show "In The Studio" and I like to save the "Bio" that they post each week for that week's show.

The weird thing is that if I select the Bio text and paste it into a text editor the text gets all messed up - particularly the periods and commas?!

Here is this week's show...

In The Studio

And here is what they text looks like after I pasted it into TextEdit on my MacBook...

In The Studio With
James Gang-Rides Again

It was the reason I hitched a ride with friends in 1971 to some small Central Ohio college to sit in the dirt infield of the indoor track fieldhouse : to see & hear Cleveland/Akron band The James Gang on a low riser stage , the spotlight reflecting blindingly off the guitar of singer Joe Walsh . Up until then , we had heard radio ads on Akron station WHLO most weekends inviting the public to see the band at an Akron-area high school dance for 50 cents . Precious few outside the Northeast Ohio Cleveland-Youngstown-Akron triangle had purchased their first album , but their follow-up Rides Again was both a critical and popular success . Sure , radio stations then and now play “Funk #49″ ( yep , there’s a “Funk #48″ on their debut , Yer Album ) , but songs like ” Woman” ” and “The Bomber” influenced American hard rock well into the 1980s , and “Tend My Garden” , “There I Go Again” , and the melancholy “Ashes , the Rain, and I “ are all surprisingly timeless four decades later . Joe Walsh is my guest for the hour .

Notice how a space gets added on each side of commas and periods, as well as parentheses and sometimes quotes.

This may seem like an insignificant thing, but it drives me CRAZY because I have to go edit all of the text each week so it is readable!

What is going on?! (I do this all the time all of the Internet and have never seen such peculiar behavior?!