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    adodb Database Description to XML Schema

    Just wondering if anyone has any experience of adodb, in particular how good it is as describing databases, such as the data type of a column.

    Using the MySQL functions, you have mysql_fetch_field() which returns an object describing the column.

    The reason why? Well been toying with XML Schemas and was wondering idily; "How hard would it be to examine a table or database and create an XML schema from it?"

    Once you have a schema from a database, you have something to generate things like HTML forms on the fly, with the help of a little XSL. You also have a basis for building a navigation system for your data, generating XML from the queries, slapping XSL over the top.

    All it would take is a cunning mechanism for defining XSL Templates (any ideas?) and PHP will rule the world! mwhuhahaahahahaha!
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