I know EXACTLY where you're coming from. I've read the other posts, read your responses, and I've felt the EXACT same frustration you're feeling right now. There is a HUGE push to make everything CSS because of the way it's supposed to make things more user-friendly, how it's supposed to look better on cell phones and how it's supposed to make the job of revising your site easier down the line.

I did NOT want to take the plunge into CSS because, let's face it, it's literally like learning a new language. I design my sites in Photoshop, slice 'em up and put them in a table in Dreamweaver. It's how I've done it for the last 10 years, and I don't see a need to change it.

However, Dreamweaver has seamlessly integrated CSS commands and functionality into their interface, so working with CSS has become a little more tolerable. Here's my $0.02 for everyone: why not do both? Why not use CSS for the style elements (fonts, placement of pictures, etc.) and use tables to contain your sliced images?

I've worked on websites that were fully CSS and while it might have taken a second less to load, the format was (yawn) boring and the site was crippled when it came to customizing the layout.

(By the way, I have taken to learning CSS because I understand the value of it, and I've found some great classes at W3 Schools.)