This is just one piece of a much larger puzzle that I'm working on so I may have related posts in other forums here.

Specifically, I'm having some trouble with transferring a large database. I'm preparing for the transfer of web host for a large merchant site, which I've not done yet. Like I said there are many first times involved with this.

At first, I thought that I might be able to just simply export the database from the live site, set it up in the database I have in a free hosted godaddy account, then import the file over there.

Many problems with this:

First off, it appears that the entire database will not export and I have to do it in pieces. This is something that I can do if I have to, but it will take tons of time, especially waiting for downloads and uploads. This will leave my computer pretty much unavailable for this time. I'm assuming that phpMyAdmin will only allow imports and exports of a certain size. Am I right in this?

Second, the database for my godaddy account (also phpMyAdmin) seems to have a fairly low limit of information that it will hold. Again I'm not sure of this, but it starts giving me problems after I get past the "b" tables. I can't find any information as to whether this is the case though. How much info will it store, does anyone know? How can I even find out how much space a database is taking?

I also tried to use xampp, but it seems to have even less space available. Is there any way to increase either one of these without shelling out extra cash? Or can I use something else?

My goal is to change as little as possible with the database and the site for it's transfer. It's a Drupal site(which I'm very new to) and I don't want to mess anything up for the transfer. This is why I'm trying to test and go through the process first.

Any help, tutorials or suggestions would be much appreciated.