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    php 4.2.2 with Apache2.0.2

    Okay. Ignore the last -

    I've gotten Apache2 going on my Windows 2000 machine. Now just to get php4.2.2 working alongside...! Any advice?! The install.txt file which comes with the php stuff only covers the first version of apache (1.3.x), and while I tried following it anyway, the apache server refuses to run.


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    Unzip the the php zipped

    Rename it to PHP and copy it to the root drive (usually c:\, so you end up with c:\PHP)

    Copy the php.ini.recommended file to c:\winnt (or c:\windows) and rename it php.ini

    edit php.ini in notepad as follows:
    1. find 'doc_root' using ctrl+F and set doc_root = "C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache2\htdocs" (assuming you installed Apache in its default path)
    2. find 'extension_dir' using ctrl+F and set extension_dir = "C:\PHP\sapi"
    3. save it and exit

    Move the file php4ts.dll from C:\PHP to c:\winnt\system32 (or c:\windows\system)

    Go to the folder C:\PHP\sapi and rename php4apache2.dll to (basically just change the extension from .dll to .so)

    Go to Start -> Programs -> Apache HTTP Server 2.0.39 -> Configure Apache Server and click on 'Edit the Apache httpd.conf Configuration File'

    the httpd.conf file opens up. Look for the block of LoadModule statements and at the end of the block add
    LoadModule php4_module c:/php/sapi/

    then look for AddType using ctrl+F and below AddType application/x-tar .tgz add
    AddType application/x-httpd-php .php

    Save and exit.

    Stop Apache and start again and you should be good to go.


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