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    jQuery: Ajax + BBQ Plugin + Videos

    Load this page in IE (7 and 8):

    Start a video, then choose another video. You will notice that the sound from the previous video does not stop. I noticed in the code that my main div is only set to display none when loading the next content (Probably the reason why the sound didn't stop).

    I am using the BBQ Plugin in order to have the back button and bookmarking available. Is there a line of code to insert (see below) that would tell to remove the previous Ajax loaded content?

    Code JavaScript:
    	  // Keep a mapping of url-to-container for caching purposes.
    	  var cache = {
    		// If url is '' (no fragment), display this div's content.
    		'': $('#home-default')
    	  // Bind an event to window.onhashchange that, when the history state changes,
    	  // gets the url from the hash and displays either our cached content or fetches
    	  // new content to be displayed.
    	  $(window).bind( 'hashchange', function(e) {
    		// Get the hash (fragment) as a string, with any leading # removed. Note that
    		// in jQuery 1.4, you should use e.fragment instead of $.param.fragment().
    		var url = $.param.fragment();
    //		// Remove .bbq-current class from any previously "current" link(s).
    //		$( 'a.bbq-current' ).removeClass( 'bbq-current' );
    		// Hide any visible ajax content.
    		$( '#main-player' ).children( ':visible' ).hide();
    		// Add .bbq-current class to "current" nav link(s), only if url isn't empty.
    		url && $( 'a[href="#' + url + '"]' ).addClass( 'bbq-current' );
    		if ( cache[ url ] ) {
    		  // Since the element is already in the cache, it doesn't need to be
    		  // created, so instead of creating it again, let's just show it!
    		  cache[ url ].show();
    		} else {
    		  // Show "loading" content while AJAX content loads.
    		  $( '#loading-videos' ).show();
    		  // Create container for this url's content and store a reference to it in
    		  // the cache.
    		  cache[ url ] = $( '<div class="bbq-item"/>' )
    			// Append the content container to the parent container.
    			.appendTo( '#main-player' )
    			// Load external content via AJAX. Note that in order to keep this
    			// example streamlined, only the content in .infobox is shown. You'll
    			// want to change this based on your needs.
    			.load( url, function(){
    			  // Content loaded, hide "loading" content.
    			  $( '#loading-videos' ).hide();
    	  // Since the event is only triggered when the hash changes, we need to trigger
    	  // the event now, to handle the hash the page may have loaded with.
    	  $(window).trigger( 'hashchange' );

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