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    Question Accepting critics for my call widget idea

    Hi everyone,

    Just checking if my idea is totally stupid:

    There's a lot of [ Call Me ] widgets one can put on a website; all of them require the visitor to initiate the call and spend his/her funds if it's not free.

    But would anyone put a widget on their site that allows the visitor to get a call from site owner? Example: [ Let us call you ] button - when clicked, an input field appears - visitor types in their number, clicks [CALL ME]. The backend VoIP operator then connects the visitor's number and the website owner's number.

    Any costs paid by website owner of course.

    I just thought this can get far more calls as they are free and more sales as the owner will have plenty of time to talk to the visitor as he/she is not trying to end the conversation.

    Yes, I know about the 800 numbers. Still, would you use the widget?
    Usus magister est optimus.

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    I think it is a great idea. Definitely you should pursue it.


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