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Thread: Session

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    I would like to know about session. When should I use session.

    I saw other coding. He was using like this

    if (isset($_session['uid'])
    $user = $_session('user');
    echo" welcome back ".$user ."<br>.";

    I should have uid and user in my database.
    Please explain about it for me


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    Sessions are used in order to track some variables from page to page.

    If you create a session and regsiter some variables in it you can access this information in your other sites.

    That code snipet you got there is a snippet that check if a variable called $uid is registered in the session. if it is it welcomes the user back. A typicall user autentication snippet.

    Let's say you got a user database with a uid primary key in it and some other fields with information about your user.

    You can then create a login box on one site and in the file that it posts to you can check with the database if this user exist. If it does you can start the session, register the uio to the session and redirect the user to another page.

    On that page you can use that snippet there to check if the user is one in your database.
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