Can anyone tell me why this wouldn't (and doesn't) work?

Code JavaScript:

By the way, Corporate Headquarters has programmers who write all the page-building stuff. When they are done, they send me the code to fix it. Convenient, eh? So although I wish I could change some of the processes, I have to deal with what they give me. In other words, I cannot change certain aspects, such as assigning random IDs to elements.


  • I am looking for a certain DIV on my page, and I can easily find it, since it has a known ID (tableSelector).

  • Inside that DIV is one table with a random ID that gets regenerated every time the page loads.

  • Although that table has a class, I cannot work with the CSS, because that class is global -- and I only need to (or, I am only allowed to) make fixes to this one particular table.

  • So, I need to get that table's random ID and replace it with an ID that I can add to the stylesheet.

Any suggestions, links or examples would be greatly appreciated. I have noodled around on this all morning, and I'm going slightly mad.

Let me say it in advance, thanks!