Good morning

I am using the jQuery plugin found on the undermentioned site.

This is the basic version for a single image background, not the slideshow version though the CSS seems to contain code for the slideshow. It works really well in that it gives me the effect I wanted: an image that fills the screen whatever the size and resolution. It has a lovely overlay effect behind the #header and .nav areas - however, this overlay effect does NOT show up in IE7 or IE8. (It does show up in beta IE9 which is not much use to me at the moment). The overlay effect shows up in Fx, Opera, Chrome and Safari.

The thing I don't like about it is that in the browsers where the overlay shows up, it also puts a shadow on the text. I found an instance of text-shadow being used in the CSS but when I disabled this attribute, it still showed on the screen I don't know enough about JS to fix it.

In IE, no overlay and no textshadow. I like the no text shadow but would like the overlay. It almost seems as if I can't have one without the other!

Site is Only the index and contactus pages are using this at the moment. Any pointers would be appreciated. I may have to put up with IE not showing the overlay but I really want to get rid of the text-shadow in the other browsers if possible.