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    Multi Update Via Checking Box

    Hello there,
    I'm looking forward for a way on updating multi rows in my database.
    I have a table with many fields and 4 of them are ENUM fields with values YES or NO (IsActive, Index, Hot, New). If the value of "IsActive=YES' the row is active (Index=is showin in index; hot=is showing a hot image; new=is showing a new image). When i list all the rows of that db, for those field i have made a checkbox that is checked if the value is YES and unchecked if the value is NO. What i need to do now, is a way to modify multi rows of db only the field affected by checking or unchecking option and pressing a submit button.
    When i press the submit button, will be updated only rows that has any changes on it and other rows will remain intact.

    I have attached an print screen of my page to gett a better idea on what i want to do.

    Hope that someone will help me on this!

    Thank you in advance!
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