"Scarborough woman wins accessibility challenge against Federal government" from InsideToronto.com


I found the article-writer's description of web sites with screen readers to be a little hilarious and confuzling at the same time.

Accessible websites obey simple authoring rules and include hidden tags that label information so that it can be properly organized by the screen readers, which blind web surfers use to convert text to new formats such as audible speech. Without these basic markers, screen readers garble the information on pages and forms, making them impossible to use.
Haha. More like: "When web pages are horribly written in WYSIWYGs with no thought to logical order and graceful degradation, screen readers and most other user agents find the information on pages and forms to already be garbled, making them difficult or impossible to use."

Still, good for her. I hate the idea that people have to sue everything just to get their basic rights upheld, but, that's the way we've made things. I'm surprised there's nothing similar to section 508 (or better) over in Canada.