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Thread: why not pay?

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    why not pay?

    Over the last several days I've asked this question on a couple of SEO boards and got a surprising response for the most part. I was just curious if I would get the same type of response from a community that was a little less focused on Google than those other boards.

    With all the obsession with links, why not just pay for text ads on high ranking pages? I notice that wisenut, for example, has a PR8. If they were offering a text ad, would you buy it? If so why? It doesn't get that much traffic so what would it be worth and why?

    I've seen mostly negative responses even calling selling a text ad on a high PR site a paid link farm, which I totally don't get. I thought a link farm was where the idea was to get you to link to me if I linked to you and then we all linked to everybody else regardless of what kind of site they had. What I'm talking about, the idea is to get you to pay me for the value I can offer in targeted traffic AND an increase in the PR of your page without having to send those stupid emails we all get saying, "I've been to your site and thought we should be link partners".

    Selling a text ad, I would want on theme ads. I wouldn't want to link to any spam or crappy sites. If I get greedy and just grab all the money I can, I will lose my high PR and then I can't sell the ads. Kind of a self-policing thing.

    Buying a text ad, I get to pick my words for anchor text, (that's gotta be a blessing for all those people that registered their domain in '97 using their company name and now wish they had used keywords), I get to pick how many links and how high of a PR I can afford and now I can calculate at least a little bit of an ROI on link popularity. I can save all those months of waiting for people I sent emails to to respond. I can stop paying Yahoo, Looksmart and every other PFI directory for a link that I don't control and I don't have to keep submitting my site to ODP to have a direct competitor write my description
    for me.

    So, do you see something wrong with just paying for an ad from a high PR site? Is that artifically inflating your rank? Or is that the person taking your money the one inflating your rank for a fee. If it's spam, wouldn't the high PR site lose it's PR eventually destroying itself? if it's not spam, why aren't we doing it?

    It seems to me, if you want a top spot on a search engine fast and easy, pay for it! Go outbid your next highest competitor and bingo! you're on top. Is that spam or a link farm or is that just business on the net in today's environment?

    If you want a high PR, pay for it! Go pay Wisenut for a text ad and Bingo! Your PR goes up. Is that spam or a link farm or is that just business on the net in today's environment?

    I've had people saying that if you're doing it to inflate your rank it's spam. So, is sending an email to someone you don't know from Adam and asking for a link NOT spam. Why would you do that? To inflate your page rank right? What is the diference. Why would anyone want a link from anyone else in the first place? To get more traffic right? Well, in theory at least, a higher PR, the more traffic you get, so which is it? Spam or doing business?

    Personally, I don't really care. I've been involved in way too many pointless discussions about what is and isn't spam to really give much of a crap anymore. My basic assumption has come down to, Spam is whatever the person doing the posting at the moment says it is. Now that the net has been populated with "ethical SEO's" we don't have to look very far to find differing definitions of what it is.

    I've had people say, the difference is people would run the text ad only for the money and not because it was a good site. Again, if I did respond to one of your link exchange emails, would it be because you had a good site, or would it be because I wanted a link for the same exact reasons you did. Is that spam?

    Believe it or not, there used to be a web before Google. In that web, links were what made it the web. You linked to whoever you wanted to that you thought would enhance the value of the site to your visitor. Google is the one that put a monetary value on links, so why can't we exploit that value the same as Google exploited it when they started using links to determine the importance of a site to serve their own purpose. So, why can't I buy a link now to serve my purpose?

    I would like to see how many of you would agree or disagree.
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