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    Member of the Month - list of winners

    Below is a list of all the Members of the Month. The URL below a member's name links to the interview conducted with that member.


    July: Patche

    June: Mawburn

    May: AllanP

    April: xMog

    March: \\.\

    February: vectorialpx

    January: Mark Brown


    December: Hall of Famer

    November: Francky

    October: alabamaseo

    September: solidcodes

    August: Drummin

    July: fretburner

    June: smanaher

    May: captainccs

    April: TomB

    March: no MotM

    February: Lemon Juice

    January: ronpat


    December: Pullo

    November: K. Wolfe

    October: CMS Dude

    September: awasson

    August: cpradio

    July: John_Betong!

    June: Jeff Mott

    May: TehYoyo

    April: ServerStorm

    March: Mikl

    February: Michael Morris

    January: AussieJohn


    December: cydewaze

    November: TechnoBear

    October: oddz

    September: TheRaptor

    August: imaginekitty

    July: chris.upjohn

    June: deathshadow60

    May: Slackr

    April: dresden_phoenix

    March: Victorinox

    February: Serenarules

    January: Immerse


    December: Sega

    November: RyanReese

    October: Cups

    September: EricWatson

    August: guido2004

    July: Raju Guatam

    June: AndrewCooper

    May: xhtmlcoder

    April: - (No MOM due to voting process change)
    March: - (No MOM due to voting process change - member is awarded badge on 1st of month and called MOM for that month)

    February: Sagewing

    January: JeffWalden
    And mizwizzy wore a badge while we had the Great MOTM Reschedule


    December: gary.turner

    November: DCrux (Kailash wore his badge this month due to September booboos)

    October: ralph.m

    September:Kailash Badu

    August: C. Ankerstjerne

    July: bluedreamer

    June: devbanana

    May2009: AlexDawson

    April: cooper.semantics

    March: crmalibu

    February: kohoutek

    January: SoulScratch


    December: DeenaEsq

    November: JJMcClure

    October: Black Max

    September: paul_wilkins

    August: Rayzur

    July: Stormrider

    June: Jake Arkinstall

    May: Erik J

    April: dhtmlgod

    March: Shaun(OfTheDead)

    February: mhulse

    January: hooperman


    December: armchaircritic (akritic)

    November: Centauri

    October: dvduval

    September: DaveWoods

    August: felgall

    July: php_daemon

    June: bigalreturns

    May: Raffles

    April: Datura

    March: Tailslide

    February: shadowbox

    January: Uncle Bob


    December: Nadia P

    November: Kravvitz

    October: Tyssen

    September: Dan Schulz

    August: tke71709

    July: Dan Grossman

    June: Mittineague

    May: HAWK

    April: zcorpan

    March: BonRouge

    February: KevinR

    January: Johan Dahlström


    December: spikeZ

    November: wwb_99

    October: longneck

    September: KTottE

    August: conradical

    July: Derek Sheppard

    May: Varelse

    April: AutisticCuckoo

    March: geniusgoalie

    February: dc dalton

    January: dklynn


    December: RetroNetro

    November: cfm

    October: fatnewt

    September: hillsy

    August: greg.harvey

    July: mstwntd (Egor)

    June: stymiee

    May: lo0ol

    April: JRMillion

    March: blufive

    February: asp_funda

    January: Gaheris


    November: Paul O'B

    October: John Colby

    September: lieut_data

    July: Paul_C

    June: Jeff Lange

    May: r937

    April: DaveMaxwell
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