The issue:

I have to list several elements that are coming from a database source A and they are:
team_id, team_name and team_score (translated for explanation sake).

I need to loop over them, and display that information.

So, I have, on the DAO side:

PHP Code:
    public function listOfTeams()
$select $this->select()
from(array('t'=>'teams'), array('cod_team','name','score'));
On my team controller:

Code PHP:
    public function listAction()
      $teamsDao = new TeamsDao();
      $this->view->infoTeam = $teamsDao->listOfTeams();                    

And at the view:

PHP Code:
    <?php for($i 0$i 30$i++): ?>
      <?php if(isset($this->infoTeam[$i])): ?>
Now, the thing is, on each of those listed items, I need to add more information.

That information doesn't come directly from a database, but it's a result of some calculations.

Take for example the percentage of games done.

Code PHP:
 $totalGamesNumber > 0 ? ($gamesDone*100)/$totalGamesNumber : 0);

So, I need to grab the total games number from the database, then, for each team, I need to have the number of games done, so that I can have the percentage to be displayed.

The $gamesDone are obtained by:

Code PHP:
 $gameTeamDao->countGamesPerTeam($gameVo, $teamVo);

The doubts:

I'm stuck here, because I cannot see where/how should I call and make the method for calculating the percentage, in order to allow the percentage of games completed to be presented along with the other data.

If you had to write an helper on this circumstances, how would you do it?
I've heart about "helpers" but I don't understand how do they fit the case here.

If your read it all, I want to thank you already, :s