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    Working as a Freelancer (UK)?

    Hello All,

    Looking for a bit of help.

    I'm a web developer who works full-time here in the UK. Now i've been asked by a fomer colleague who I know and trust to do some php freelance work for them.

    Now this colleague of mine has set-up her own business and is VAT registered etc. Now when we spoke about this she just said all I need to do is invoice her for the work i've done. So that's great as it's all above board and I have no issues there and I trust her, so am not worried about not getting the money - that's not the issue.

    So in effect i'm working as a freelancer for a business, who is in turn working for clients.

    Now, this suits me perfectly and i'd love to do it, but I have a few questions as i'm concerned about this legally:

    1) One of the things i've been asked to do is create a mailinglist. Now I can do it, no probs but one of the things i'm somewhat paranoid of here are things like the data protection act - opting in/out etc. Now I know very little about this and am a bit concerned that should something go wrong as I built the thing then I will be looked at? How do I make sure i'm covered for things like this, or do I not have to worry as everything is coming from the business i'm freelancing for? I guess i'm just worried that as I was the person who built this then I would be the one who got the blame or worse sued!

    2) Should something go wrong like the database gets hacked etc and a load of mallicious data is put on the site or someone hacks a html email template that's sent on a cron job with dodgy content on then i'd be looked at again as in essence I built the thing (before it was hacked). Should I be worried about this? Again. I guess i'm just worried that as I was the person who built this then I would be the one who got the blame or worse sued!

    3) Anything else legal wise I need to be aware of/put in place?



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    Get a brief contract drawn up that indemnifies you against stuff like this and limits your liability. You should also cover issues like ownership of work, payment and termination. I know it sounds very formal, but keep it short and sweet and you'll be fine.


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