I am developing a site using classic asp vbscript.
I have created a form submission page that allows users to submit requests for work to the web sites members. Amongst the posted form fields is a textbox that requests an email address so that members can contact the requester. Once posted back, the vbscript loops through a database and pulls out members email address and then sends the posted information to the members email address's using CDO.Configuration & CDO.Message.
The problem I have is that I use an email account registered with the hosting account to send the form information to the members. Unfortunately, despite explicitly stating that the email has been generated form the hosting site, some of the members click on their reply buttons thinking that they are directly replying to the person submitting the form request.
I have tried setting the .From field of the CDO.Message to the requestors email but when testing, if I use my gmail email address, I get a DNS error message - Status: 5.7.1
Diagnostic-Code: smtp;554 5.7.1
I'm aware that the problem here is that my email address is being forged.
How can I get this request form to work, to successfully send out the request to the site's members using the requester's email address as a from field?
Am I incorrectly using an email account that is registered with the sites domain? It's my understanding that to use the sites email server, i have to set field items such as .Item(cdoSMTPServer), .Item(cdoSendUserName), and .Item(cdoSendPassword), to use a email account that has been registered via the site?
Any help is greatly appreciated.