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    Question Browser Javascript Compatibility

    Hello everyone,

    I am relatively new to using javascript. I had a question about javascript's compatibility with various browsers. For example, I notice some websites that have slideshows and other javascript elements that my browser doesn't block, while other websites have js elements that my browser will block.

    Why does my browser block some and not others. Is it how you code it? Perhaps different js libraries are acceptable while others are not?

    I know that it is a security measure. Is there anyway around it. I am trying to design a slide show on my home page that starts onLoad and shuffles through pictures. It is a common technique used and I was wondering how people get these slide shows to play without my browser blocking them.


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    What seems strange to me is that your web browser is blocking some of these web elements and not others.

    Can you please help us to understand, perhaps with examples, the problem that you're having?
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    Do you perhaps have an internet security suite installed that is blocking certain scripts? Or any browser addons like AdBlock that might be doing something like that?
    (Which browser are you using by the way?)
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