I am currently using a popup window to establish the dimensions of a window, specifically based on the the width/height of the content area.

I would prefer to simply resize it and avoid the need for a popup altogether, but this is made difficult due to inconsistancies as to how resizeTo() accounts for whatever toolbars are 'on' which varies from browser to browser and platform to platform.

The site is coded to W3C (X/HTML, CSS) and the DOM/DHTML content is gradually being rewritten in accordance with the W3C DOM.).

The W3C DOM property to get/set the window content area dimensions are:

...neither of which get any response in any of the W3C DOM compliant browsers currently available.

So, the question is how do I reliably set the dimensions of the content area using code that can be understood by IE5+/Opera5+/Gecko?

I want to get rid of the popup, but it seems the lack of support for the DOM resize method (window.innerHeight,...) is tying me to using a popup*.
(* control over the window/content area size is non-negotiable.)

Am I doing something wrong? Am I using the window.innerWidth method wrongly or something?

I'm using it as prescribed at the Mozilla/Gecko DOM Window references page.

Is there some other way?