I have a question about wrapping text around an image. I want to have a small 64x64 icon next to some sections on my page.

According to W3C I should be using text-align instead of align.

So when I do the following code, everything works correclty:

HTML Code:
<img src="#" alt="Icon" width="64px" height="64px" align="left" />
But I want to do this through my .css file. My CSS file (I am using Notepadd++ for the editor) does not reconize "align" as a valid attribute.

So I instead have used text-align in my CSS file.

It doesn't matter which of the two I use, either way it breaks my code, because the image does not wrap with the text.

Is there anyway I can remove the align attribute from inline html and put it into my CSS file and still have it work? Also, what attribute is correct? text-align does not seem to work in this case, even though W3C tells me not to use align.