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    Cool things on websites?

    I wanted to ask a question and see if what everyone likes about sites -

    BAsically I'm making a site and I wanted to know of all the little interactive elements on sites that you like

    For example, on blogs you can -

    Leave comments

    Like an article like on Facebook

    Share on Facebook


    Digg an article

    Rate an article out of 5 / Or rate a picture out of 5 stars


    Does anybody know of any other cool stuff that you've seen on some sites that you use or you think is cool for whatever reason?

    Little interactive elements

    Would love to know

    Thanks in advance people

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    I keep a short list of tools to remind me of ideas or to generate new ones. Per post, I try to consider whether one or more of the following would be appropriate:

    1. Links (affiliate, inter-linked, etc.)
    2. Original image
    3. Video
    4. Audio
    5. Some sort of statistics generated by Google Charts
    6. A survey regarding the post's content
    7. A pdf, exe, or something else to download
    8. A form to fill out
    9. Some sort of relevant JavaScript calculator
    10. Some sort of task for the visitor to run and do

    The list is short, but the tasks can be time consuming when you have thousands of posts to go through...

    ...and then there's the marketing.
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