hey guys, im trying to send a form to the same page, it works fine until i came to the part i needed to add the CLSupload class in order to do some image checks.

my HTML code:
<!--#INCLUDE FILE="clsUpload.asp"-->
<form method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data" action="add_story.asp"
<input type="submit" name="sendForm" value="send"/>
the ASP code:
Code ASP:
if Request.Form("sendForm") = "send" Then
' do stuff..
end if

The problem is, when i use Request.Form("sendForm") = send it doesnt do anything when i press send, not even errors.

When i do if Upload.Fields("sendForm").Value = "send" Then
the error is: Object required: 'Upload'

when i do :
Set Upload = New clsUpload
and then
if Upload.Fields("sendForm").Value = "send"
the error is that the enctype/multipart-data was not recieved
(and it really was not received because the Set Upload = New clsUpload is not inside the IF statement, but if its inside the IF statement then its Object required: 'Upload')

So, can any1 give me any ideas on how can i achieve this in some way?