Not long ago I asked for help in this forum because two of my sites were hacked and after thinking about what happened and how I noticed that my site were hacked I started wondering why. What happened is this, one morning I woke up and checked one of my sites that uses WordPress and to my surprise the index page had a picture that said hacked by bla, blaÖ the same thing happened with my second site except that this one wasnít using WordPress this one only had a PHP contact form and was done by a different hacker, here is where my question came.

Why would the hacker alert me? Wouldnít be easier to do the hack without letting me know and I would probably have never noticed it.

Does it mean that the index page was the only file they could have access to and they just wanted to let me know about their success?

Are there some occasions where the only file hacked is the index file?

Of course the reason Iím asking is because I havenít find any malicious scripts for the site that wasnít using WordPress, and Iím trying to understand where the hacking thing came from, may be from my hosting provider?

Thanks a lot!