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    Converting FrontPage to DreamWeaver

    I have a very large web site that I created with FrontPage. I'm concerned over some of the download times which are partly due to the sloppy code created by FP. DreamWeaver has a feature that is supposed to clean up FP code.

    Has anyone ever used this?

    Does it leave the page intact or would I have to redo a lot of things?

    Is the code created improved enough to make it worth while?

    Is there anything else I should know before I do this?

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    1) uninstall FrontPage, and break the CD

    2) go to confession and have blessing said

    3) vow never to use FrontPage again

    4) have you heard of "Tidy" ? It's a very handy little program for cleaning up HTML, such as that created by FP. It's worth a try... you can find it here.

    5) regarding Dreamweaver's "clean up frontpage html" command, there's only one way to know what it does, and that's to try it. Why not just copy the site and run the command. If you don't like what it does, you always have the copy to fall back on.
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