i've got a small piece of javascript that i send out from my server (using php) only if this is the first visit in a session.

the javascript gets the user's gmt offset time, puts that value in a cookie which lets my server read that value, via the cookie - *the next page visit*. so it's impossible to make use of the time offset that i get with javascript on the first page that the user goes to. the first page that's able to make use of the info is the second one the user goes to (or the same page but second hit - reload)

the reason i want the user's time is for one particular page on my site. if this page isn't the first one they go to then there's not going to be a problem - i'll already have got their time and be ready to use it.

BUT if they go to the page that needs the user's time first, there'll be a problem. and this is my question -

is there a piece of javascript that'll set the required cookie (i've got that bit of code sorted) and automatically immediately reload the same page they're on, so the page that the user would be looking at would be infact a second page as it were - so i'd be able to make use of the cookie info even though this is the 'first' page they've come to