Goal. For each client, they have a minimum of 1 pet, though upwards of n pets.
Two tables: client & pets; Two forms: client form & pet form. The parent table/form is the client. Complete & submitting the Client form will navigate to the Add a Pet form. When the pet form is complete the user has the option to end or add additional pets. Knowing the level of knowledge here, I'm here as a novice to learn with no need to over-design this simple database application.

1st off, having read through Kevin Yanks 4th edition Database Driven Web Site (great book / reference), I didn't find any examples that fit the application model noted above. I did, however, learn how to set up the tables and much of the PHP involved with getting the form data into the table.

My hurdle is discovering how to use/transfer the mysql_insert_id() from the client query to the pets query in order to set up the one-to-many relationship for the eventual join queries.

links to examples would be greatly welcomed as I can't imagine this is anything new.

My apologies for the run-on request.