I just had a friend contact me via IM -- not really a web developer though he did take a couple college classes on the subject and is a relatively tech saavy person.

The conversation went thus:

[21:56] usernamehidden: argh
[21:56] usernamehidden: why to people INSIST on making flash sites that aren't navigable with the keyboard?

[21:57] deathshadow: Or work right in the first place?

[21:57] usernamehidden: http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2...l?ref=health#0

[21:57] deathshadow: There's a reason other web developers call them flashtards.

[21:57] usernamehidden: yeah

[21:58] deathshadow: That's not flash I don't think.

[21:58] usernamehidden: ah
[21:58] usernamehidden: either way it's pissing me off

[21:58] deathshadow: That's pure javascript.

[21:59] usernamehidden: not what I'd call any better
[21:59] usernamehidden: Great, they could piss me off on an iPad too

[21:59] deathshadow: Pretty much the idea. Why do you think that the browser makers are putting so much effort into faster javascript? So developers who have no business working on professional websites can piss us off by using MORE crap like that!

Really that's what it comes down to and is the biggest problem with all this "gee ain't it neat" animated scripted bull. The really sad part is that in this case it appears to also use AJAX, so the fat bloated train wreck in question was probably sold to the bosses as saving bandwidth...

Because I'm so sure sending almost a megabyte in javascript and a four megabyte page size in nearly 200 separate files is saving them bandwidth; Welcome to bounce city.

So we have no keyboard navigation, a bloated page so large nobody is going to wait for it to finish loading, a page that the little traffic they do get to it is probably costing ten times as much to host, nonsensical heading orders and source order making it painful to navigate, nothing even remotely resembling graceful degradation...

... and for what? to deliver 7.7k of plaintext, one content image and a 60 thumbnails?

I've said it a few dozen times, I'm going to say it again -- JUST SAY NO to garbage bloated frameworks, "gee ain't it neat" animated crap, and any other idiocy the art *** in the marketing department tries to tell you is "good for promotion".

A stellar example of how NOT to build a site for accessibility or usability if there ever was one, and a perfect example of what I mean when I talk about people working as professionals who do not do professional quality work! How the blue blazes do these types of developers get their jobs and more importantly, how the devil do they KEEP them? Shoving their noses so far up the bosses backside they're tasting tonsils or something?!?

Sorry, just venting a little.