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    All images are not wrapping in FF

    Some images inside a table are not "wrapping", and accumulate themselves horizontally in FF only. This is not happening in IE or Chrome.

    this is the url:
    The images that are not wrapping are the ones that are in the rightest column, as you can see.

    There are some banners that should wrap (the longest ones, that are >120px) and others that should not (the ones that are <120px).

    As you can see, in IE or Chrome they are doing that naturally.

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    You've a lot of validation errors. See

    • Elements with XHTML /> tag closing in an HTML4 DOCTYPE.
    • Deprecated attributes such as topmargin, leftmargin, height, bordercolor, color, and wrap.
    • A duplicate closing div tag nested in a table.
    • Missing alt attributes.
    • non SGML characters (double quotes and ellipsis).

    Removing wrap="HARD" from the following td seems to fix Firefox.

    Code HTML4Strict:
    <td width="255px" wrap="HARD" style=" overflow:visible;">


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