Hello All,

I am relatively new to configuring web servers and have been working through tutorials using Apache to run MYSQL DB with php scripts.

Apologies if this is long.

Have got Apache working and running PHP scripts.
I have even managed to get my scritps to read information out of a simple mysql database.

Unfortunately using scripts from the tutorial I have a had problems with undefined variables (I was advised in another ng to switch off the 'all' errors setting in httpd.conf). Obvioulsy it doesnt chnage the fact that I have undefined variables but it did run the scripts.

When I use a php script to put data into my DB tables ... I keep getting an access denied error (actually now that I have altered httpd.conf when ever I try and add to the db it takes me to the apache test page ... ??? which makes me wonder if Apache is not configure properly, where to start though ?)

My question is this, do I have to somehow grant permission on Apache to be able to write to my database or is it likely to be database permissions problem.

If anyone thinks they can point me in the right direction I would be greatly appreciative.