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    where are the values??

    I'm building a dynamic form, but I've run into an unexpected behavior. The dynamic part is working fine and the HTML output is beautifully customized. However, when the HTTP Request is returned it's missing all the value information. I didn't even think that was possible, but checking the checkboxes returns the name attributes of each checked box, but they are all missing their paired values.

    My testing page is at

    The HTML is

    Row: 1 ; Column: 2
    <input name="Page1-Test2" id="Page1-Test2" value="complete" type="checkbox">

    Yet when the request comes back, it has the name but it's value is not "complete" but an empty string. I don't get that at all.

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    I doubt this is an HTML issue. Presumably you are processing this information with PHP? Normally you would have a name="" attribute that is picked up by the script, which then grabs the value. What's your processing code?
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    I think you'll need to post your actual ASP code for anyone to be able to help you fix the problem.


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