Here at work, we are looking for a program that will let us put up a online (flash) catalog where you can flip through the pages, magnify/zoom in on a area of the page, and click on a hyperlink that would take you to a webpage that pertains to the link.

Can anyone suggest a program that would suit those needs? The preliminary info I've located mostly says that I'd have to send the PDFs back to the company that would take the PDFs with revised prices and they would upload the PDFs at fee. What I am interested in is just buying the program myself and uploading the revised PDFs myself, in house.

Is there any one product/brand/program or sofware that stands above the rest? I would need a company that has at least halfway decent customer service as well. I and my coworker are more front end graphic designers with a foundation for flash and code and haven't been trained primarily with back end work.

Thank you for any suggestions!