Hi there,

I'm hoping y'all can offer me some assistance or guidance. I need to write a rollover alert that functions the way this one does on this site: http://stackoverflow.com/ at the top of the page. (www.cnn.com also does this at the top if you haven't already visited their page)

I've tried basically stealing their js and css/html for the site I'm working on but there are two problems: their js file has a lot of extraneous stuff that I need to get rid of and, well, i'm kinda learning js on the fly for this project. (been pestering my employer about getting me some formal js training.)

I need that rollover to pop up on a visitor's first visit to the site, then have an "a href" link in the text to take the user to another page and close that rollover simultaneously, then never appear again for that user on that browser.

I'm wondering if you might know of any off-the-shelf scripts that function like the one above that I can just plug and play into my site. Or at least maybe point me in the right direction as to what kind of very specific js terminology I should try to google to put this all together piecemeal?

Any help will be much appreciated.