i see

but then i don't see, because that problem that you've pointed out -

The following browsers have trouble with this method:
Netscape 2, Netscape 3 and 4 on Mac, Explorer 3 on Windows and Konqueror.
The Date.getTimezoneOffset() method gives the difference between the local timezone on the computer and GMT in minutes

all the results (so far) have been minutes.

your result was 240. - minutes. so that's saying gmt is 4 hours infront of you
beetle's was 300 - that's an hour more away from gmt - 1 hour behind you.

all the results have been minutes. what other type of result is there?

the solution i've got in mind (haven't actually done it yet but i'm pretty sure it'll work) is a process that i can put all results through, blindly. blindly as in not testing for which browser. a process that i can apply to all the results regardless of browser. and arrive at hour offset in the same format