Hello all,
I've just started working with relationships between table, i had a big table that had the following records:
ID, Filename1, 2, 3, 4, Filesize1, 2 ,3 ,4, ContentType1, 2, 3, 4, BinaryData1, 2, 3, 4, PetDesc, PetName, PetType(Male/Female), Animalstatus, AnimalType(Dog/Cat)

Now as u can already understand, i had alot of empty records on that table, because not all of the records were required (not every pet had 4 photos, most pets had just 1 or 2..)
So i decided to saperate this table to 2 tables like the following:

ID (AutoNum), PetName, PetDesc, PetType, AnimalType, AdoptionStatus

ID (Num), FileSize, ContentType, BinaryData, FileName

Im going to need help with creating an upload form to upload all of the items at once to those 2 tables, how can i do that?

Atm the page i used to upload photos to the 1 big table looked like that...
sSQL = "animals WHERE FileID = 0"


RecordSet.Fields("FileName").Value = Upload.Fields("File1").FileName
RecordSet.Fields("FileName2").Value = Upload.Fields("File2").FileName
RecordSet.Fields("FileName3").Value = Upload.Fields("File3").FileName
RecordSet.Fields("FileName4").Value = Upload.Fields("File4").FileName
RecordSet.Fields("FileSize").Value = Upload.Fields("File1").Length
RecordSet.Fields("FileSize2").Value = Upload.Fields("File2").Length
RecordSet.Fields("FileSize3").Value = Upload.Fields("File3").Length
RecordSet.Fields("FileSize4").Value = Upload.Fields("File4").Length
RecordSet.Fields("ContentType").Value = Upload.Fields("File1").ContentType
RecordSet.Fields("ContentType2").Value = Upload.Fields("File2").ContentType
RecordSet.Fields("ContentType3").Value = Upload.Fields("File3").ContentType
RecordSet.Fields("ContentType4").Value = Upload.Fields("File4").ContentType
RecordSet.Fields("BinaryData").AppendChunk Upload("File1").BLOB & ChrB(0)
RecordSet.Fields("BinaryData2").AppendChunk Upload("File2").BLOB & ChrB(0)
RecordSet.Fields("BinaryData3").AppendChunk Upload("File3").BLOB & ChrB(0)
RecordSet.Fields("BinaryData4").AppendChunk Upload("File4").BLOB & ChrB(0)
Recordset.Fields("Desc").Value = upload.fields("Desc1").Value
Recordset.Fields("PetName").Value = upload.fields("name1").Value
Recordset.fields("AnimalType").value = upload.fields("animalType1").value
Recordset.fields("adoptionStatus").value = upload.fields("adoptionStatus1").value
Recordset.fields("Type").value = upload.fields("type1").value

Yeah, what a mess