I paid a Ruby agency over $40k to have a Ruby on Rails site developed. Now it's done and is working fine.

The issue now is that I'm not a developer, and I can't afford to hire one. For every single change to the site (e.g. change the header, add some analytics code, add a Twitter button) I'm getting charged a minimum of 1 hour's work at their hourly rate which is pretty high.

I don't mind paying the agency for new development work, but by getting billed for these tiny things I'm feeling like my hands are really tied and I can't tweak anything.

I'm thinking of hiring a Rails developer with a good rating from say Elance.com for $25/hr, to use on an ad-hoc basis, say 1-2 hours per week for small changes here and there for a much lower cost.

- Do you think this is a practical idea?

- Would it take the developer too long to familiarize himself with the code? Or does he not need to know the full inner workings to do simple changes?

- Is there a big risk of the developer screwing up the site, or stealing the code?

Thanks a lot for any advice and input, would really appreciate it!