Regards to all forum participants,

Personally I need good chess articles for my future project.Many of them should be dedicated to serious chess players,from master candidates to international Masters,eventually grandmasters(not necessarily).

The articles should be valuable and benefit potential visitors.They shouldn't be news related or actual event articles.I can handle it myself.So they should be related to strategy,tactic,particular openings,pawn structure,advanced combination,endings.

To be honest I doubt that any freelancer,who is unfamiliar with chess would write something that will fit my needs without much researching and spending a lot of time.I hope I am wrong.

Actually I would like you to suggest me where to find writers like that.Grandmaster and professional chess writers are undoubtedly the best solution,but my budget is somehow limited.I already contacted one of them and prices are too unrealistic I think.

How do you estimate that I should pay maximally to a professional chess writers for one article? It is important to me to know that.

I find all over the internet people write on all subject for 5-10$ per article.What can I expect from that?

Anyway I am open to all options even for not so professional chess writing,because of my limiting budget.