I have a site which is basically just going to present some information in the form of tables. To make it a little more interesting, I'm adding hover and click functionality to the TRs.

But then I wondered about people who just keyboards. Would it be cool to allow them to tab through the TRs, as if they were hovering with a mouse? And to trigger the "click" function when they press "enter"?

And now I'm considering people with screen readers. If I did add that tab/enter fallback, would that make navigating the page too cumbersome? After seeing this YUI video on accessibility, I wonder if a better way to do it would be to allow the user to tab to the table, and then use the up/down arrow keys to navigate.

After all of this, I've come full-circle and decided that I'm really over-thinking it. There are already perfectly convenient navigational methods available to the mouse-less and screen-readees. The hover and click things are just flourishes that I shouldn't worry about reproducing.

What does everyone else think?