First of all, thanks to all the board members in my previous problems. I am not able to search through subdatasheets by combining two tables together. Currently, I have no problem searching/ displaying information from either my 'master' or subdatasheet tables.

Special thanks to: Goof and Rudy (r397??)

I have a new minor error that I cant seem to figure out! (I know, more and more problems come about!)

My search allows the user to search by: Organization, Programs or subject names. The problem comes about when I try to display information about the Organizations.

Just to give you a little run down on my database structure, all the organizations are listed in the 'master table' (tblDirectoryDatabase). All the special progams/ departments are stored in the subdatasheet (tblPrograms).

When I call to list the programs or departments, all the information is displayed perfectly. There is a column in both tables named "Description". In ACCESS, the field is called Description with memo data type. All the information from this column displays correctly with the 'tblPrograms' but not the 'tblDirectoryDatabase'.

I did additional research before coming back to the forums. At first, I thought the memo data type had a limit on how long the comments can be. Unfortunately, when I compared the descriptions from both tables, they are pretty much the same. But, I dont know why the DESCRIPTION from the tblDirectoryDatabase keeps getting cut off in the middle.

Next, I moved onto my coding. Although I probably have tons of bad habits and poor coding practices in my code, they are pretty much the same.
Ex. If they search for the organization, it will display the information in a structured manner.
Unfortunately, this structured of displaying the information is exactly the same I use with the Program listings.

So far:
1. Made sure I didnt reach some sort of limit in terms of word count.
2. Make sure both settings of the tables are the same.
3. Made sure my coding is practially identical (except for different variable names).

Can anyone give me a hand on this one? I am like this close to finishing this project!

Feel free to suggest or comment on possible procedures I should perform to make sure this thing displays right!