hi, all.

I need something pretty weird...

I need to be able to access all variables which hold a particular string, that I can recognize with a regex.

now, the variables could be anywhere in term of scope, even in $(document).ready(): they are not always global.

the only thing I know, is that the string was generated by a function.
best bet would then be to try to get to my variables from within the function that generated them?

possible solutions are:
1) I get every single variable declared: easy to do with global ones, but how do I go with the ones with different scope, like the ones in $(document).ready() or other callback functions?
2) being in my function, I already 'know' the scope. I tried arguments.callee.caller from myFunction, but I can't find a way to iterate throw the variable declared inside it.

is there any way to do this?

any help appreciated, can't figure it out.