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    zip files for download


    I have created a form where it consists of a checklist from which the user select which files they would like to download.

    When the form is submitted, i would like the files that have been checked to be zipped up and then made available for the user to download/save to their machine.

    Does anyone have any ideas how to execute this?

    The server i am working on is IIS6 on Server 2003 R2.

    I have looked at this component but have add no joy with it, the page executes but nothing happens.

    Are there any other alternative components that anyone has had experience with?


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    Well you can try some of the solutions here but it looks to me like you'll have to either incorporate Windows Script Host on the server or use a component of some sort.

    Here's a Java Applet that might work from 4guysfromrolla... It will probably work for you easier than a component.

    Failing that, I would suggest that you build the solution with ASP.NET instead of ASP Classic.
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