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    This is quite cheeky! - The ad on the top of this page?

    Hi All,

    This is a bit of a cheeky request, and I may be in the wrong forum here as it may be a Javacript question but I love the functionality of the advert on the top of this page for the 'Web Site in the Cloud' advert.

    Now I love the way it appears when the page loads and you can click on the 'x' to ditch it.

    However, i've never seen this type of advert before:

    1) Does it have a specific name?
    2) Also are there any tutorials out there which teach you how to create one of these styles of adverts?


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    Sitepoint has been using ads like that for years. The first ones were similar, but appeared at the bottom of the page. Search for "catfish sitepoint" in google. It's actually a very simple piece of scripting, with just a little sprinkling of JavaScript for showing it, hiding it and for the sliding motion.

    You must make sure that once the user clicks the X, it is never shown again.


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