I am having the same issue with two separate web sites. A correctly installed SSL certificate and a working http to https redirect and I still can not get a secure connection.

I checked and made sure that:
- all images use img src="/images/image.jgg"
- all scripts are references the same way
- I looked all over for any http reference in source view but can not see anything.

I started to eliminate lines of code until i found what is causing the problem. For one site it was the reference to jquery.min.js library. I dont understand how that can be because it is referenced to my server the same way all other js and css files are, and none of the others give me a problem.

the other site is even more frustrating. Eliniating just about all code and having a page with nothing but a few div's doenst even get me a secure connection.

So, what tools can I use to figure this out? I have downloaded fiddler but that didnt help me. Is there something that just analyzes the site and points out the problem?

this is frustrating and I hope to get it solved soon.