Yesterday I started a thread about my failed community t-shirt project, and I got a bit more than I bargained for. One quote in particular gave me a shock.

... the atmosphere around here over the last few years has gone from "the fun place to be to discuss web design" to "watch Sitepoint make as much money as they can" with the help of the volunteer forum members.
I think that this quote seems to be indicative of how many people are feeling at the moment, which means that I'm doing something wrong.

Before I ask you to tell my why you think this culture change has occurred, I first need to point out that the quote isn't accurate in it's entirety. Our SitePoint community actually stands beside the SitePoint 'the company' and is not a money making venture in any way, shape or form. Forum staff are not responsible for making money for the company. There is no onus on me as Community Manager to generate any kind of income for SitePoint. I love that.

So, that being said, I have two questions for you. What is it about the culture here at the forums that gives the impression that we are trying to make money and what do you think I can do to turn things around so that this goes back to being "the fun place to be to discuss web design"?