Good day everyone.

I have a challenge with a function that works in Firefox, but not IE, Chrome or Safari.

We've been building a site with a mix of Javascript and PHP using Google Maps.

Another developer began the project and left a large mess which we're cleaning up.

Even though it's under development, it can be viewed at

The challenge we have is this . . .

When the site home page, which is a large map, loads, it displays the US with state markers.

The user will then select a state, for example, Colorado.

The map then zooms in and displays markers for that state. Ultimately we won't be showing markers at the point until the visitor selects an activity from a menu.

When the visitor clicks on a location marker, the google call out bubble pops up displaying a list of activities and a More Info button. This more info button when clicked opens a slide out dock on the right side of the screen displaying detailed data about the location selected.

The problem we have is that this slide out dock only works in Firefox. It appears that in the other browsers the function that calls the PHP template that builds the right side dock doesn't even load.

Can anyone help by giving us some pointers or direction?

Here's the function were trying to call from the More Info bubble inside the google map:

function locInfo(loc_id) {
$.get("includes/z_get_location_details.php", { loc_id: loc_id },
$("#r_menu").animate({ width: "500px"}, 200 );
$.getScript("includes/z_get_interests.php?loc_id=" + loc_id);
}, "html");

Thank you in advance for any help.